[Introspective] Next Album

Don Ackerman the.ackermans at juno.com
Sat Dec 27 14:00:27 PST 2014

First, I'm glad there IS a next album. Obviously, the PSB don't have to make music so every album is a gift!

Secondly, this should go well!

Rejoice, all fans of spectactular pop — Stuart Price is officially producing the upcoming 13th studio album from the Pet Shop Boys! Back in early September, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe announced via their official website  that they were “planning to start work on a new album in November.” The iconic UK duo have been quiet on the updates since then, especially regarding who’d be handling production duties
until now.

In a Christmas message posted  to the Boys’ fans yesterday (December 23), the following was noted: “In January, Neil and Chris will continue to write songs for their next album which will be produced by Stuart Price.”


PSB forever,

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