[Introspective] Hello

Andreas Sikkema ramdyne at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 4 01:32:48 PST 2012

On 9/20/12 20:36 , Chris Jones wrote:
> I’ve just rejoined this mailing list after about 12 years. Anyone out
> there? I browse petshopboys-forum.com quite a lot, but would like to
> think this place is still going. It was exciting back in the day, the
> first time I’d communicated with so many other PSB fans.... Happy
> memories Smile

Funny, how there's always this short burst of actvity on Introspective
around new releases :-)

Anyway, I've bought the karaoke version of Elysium at the time it came
out, but haven't listened to it once. I'm afraid it will force me away
from the boys even more (see also how long it took me to read Intro


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