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Wed Aug 15 12:31:53 PDT 2012

Zdenek, perhaps the delay has to do with country-specific release dates
(really, with the music industry's greed)?  I don't know where you are or
which country your credit card is registered in,  but here in the U.S. we
often can't purchase digital content (or stream videos) available elsewhere
because the release dates or distribution channels are not the same for the
States as for other countries/regions.  I hope your order gets sorted out

On another note, if any of you didn't catch the Boys performing West End
Girls in the Olympic closing ceremony wearing gigantic conical hats while
circling the stadium in the back of two rickshaws covered in fluorescent
orange origami, check out this article with 6 photos:




On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Erik Cedergren <ecgn at algonet.se> wrote:

> Just ordered the same package, and I'll let you know if it is quicker for
> me. All it says is that the links will appear in my order history, but
> downloads are not rocket science, so it shouldn't take more than a couple
> of minutes for the payment to clear... at least that's what I think.
> I have previously ordered stuff from them, not digital though, and they
> have always been quick to deliver. The postage is a bit too steep though!
> //ecgn
> Zdenek Stanka wrote:
>> Hello everyone. Just wanted to ask if there's someone with an experience
>> with a PSB official shop on www.petshopboysshop.co.uk. I ordered and
>> paid a CD single Winner and a digital single Winner remixes two days ago
>> and while the CD has been sent to me yesterday the mp3 download (!) is
>> still "pending"... How long does a man have to wait for downloading a
>> couple of songs???
>> Thanks in advance for any help.
>> /Z/
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