[Introspective] Final results of poll on rating 2010 as a "PSB year"

Wayne Studer psbfan at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 8 22:12:48 PST 2011

The final results are in for my poll this past week, in which I asked my 
site visitors how they would rate 2010 as a "Pet Shop Boys year." And the 
response that received the largest number of votes was:

* "It was an above-average year for them," picked by 31.7% of the voters.

To see the complete results, please visit my "Commentary" site at 
http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and click the "Past Survey Results" 
button in the left navigation bar.

As for this week's new poll, I have a number of what I think are really good 
questions waiting in the wings, but I finally settled on one that I hope 
you'll find especially interesting. As you probably know, the Pet Shop Boys' 
most recent single "Together" reached only #58 on the U.K. singles chart, 
becoming their poorest-performing full-fledged U.K. single since "West End 
Girls" hit #1 back in 1985. There were probably a number of reasons for 
this. But that doesn't stop me from wondering what, in your opinion, is the 
single biggest reason why "Together" didn't perform any better than it did 
on the U.K. singles chart. I've provided a number of possible explanations, 
so please check them out and make your choice right there on my home page. 
And thanks so much to w00dhead for suggesting this terrific question!

Thanks as well to everyone who voted in last week's survey! And I hope you 
all have a marvelous week ahead!


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