[Introspective] Fans forced to resort to piracy?!?

TheGardner thegardner at gmx.de
Mon Nov 8 01:42:04 PST 2010

Assume these things don't depend on PSB anymore! These things are part of
the business today and the record company (not PSB) is behind this all.
So, with other words: The record company doesn't bother about "forcing us
die-hard fans to resort to piracy" anymore, cause -me seemed- with getting
out the mixes or specials (i.e. album bonus tracks) on iTunes or other
Amazon-like websites, they're making much more money, as with putting this
stuff up on a third CD or something else! For them it's cheap and they get a
much better result, as with doing us a favour and producing a third CD.
We fans maybe have to realise, that the business still is a thing of the
record companies. We are only the last link in the chain. So most things,
which aren't understandable for us, are -for most reasons- profitable for
the companies! And that's the only thing that counts!

On a side note:
What really annoys me in these times, are all the current eBay auctions with
the new "Together" remix promos. A few numinous eBay sellers (with the right
contacts) have the chance of making a HELL of money with all these CD-Rs.
This isn't fair in my eyes! 

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