[Introspective] Fans forced to resort to piracy?!?

Paolo Bientinesi pauldj at cs.utexas.edu
Mon Nov 8 00:33:24 PST 2010

Hi Erik,

I am 100% with you. And I just can't get used to not having a physical 
support for PSB's releases...


> From: Erik Cedergren<ecgn at algonet.se>
> Hi all!
>           I was just wondering... why are the Pets (or Parlophone / EMI)
> forcing us die-hard fans to resort to piracy?!?
>           Unless you have an iTunes compatible device, and live in a
> country where the songs are published, you cannot obtain all formats of
> the latest single legally. I know I will come across as a whiny b-d, but
> without iTunes, no Pepptalk or Ultrabeat mix of Together, and no Grum
> dub mix of WEG, and that just annoys me!
>           I'd happily pay for a third CD single, but as no such thing is
> released, I have to forgo those mixes, or trawl the murky depths of a
> "body of water (especially the sea) more or less three-quarters
> surrounded by land" known to be frequented by "criminals who plunders at
> sea; commonly attacking merchant vessels, though often pillaging port
> towns".
> //ecgn (suffering from delusions of adequacy)


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