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*From a Q & A session on Liza Minnelli's website:

Scott: RAUL would like to know if it’s true that your Broadway debut was
supposed to be in a show with Jeanette McDonald

Liza: Yes. And the name of the show was “A Little Night Music.” (Liza again
mentions the song to her associate.) This was written by the same team that
wrote (sings) “And You Are For Loving, and Loving, and Loving” Martin and

Scott: Do you remember why the show didn’t happen?

Liza: Yes: Jeanette DIED.

Scott: That would do it (laughs).

Liza: That’ll do it, you know? But Michael Feinstein sings the song from
that, “On Such a Night as This.” And I sing it sometimes, too.

Scott: MICHAEL SCOTT loves the “Results” album

Liza: Oh, good.

Scott: And he wanted to know if you would ever do something similar to that

Liza: Of course I would.

Scott: Or work with the Pet Shop Boys again?

Liza: Yes.

Scott: Are you still in touch with the Pet Shop Boys?

Liza: Oh, sure I am. And with My Chemical Romance, and all my other rock

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