[Introspective] What have I done to deserve this?

Lidia lidiapsb at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 14:35:39 PDT 2008

Anyway everybody take care of their own things, weg seems to be losing control with their second single.

Next week I put Philanthropy on sell at my digital store, there will be a remix of cicero.

Yes Cicero is alive and still doing music, ignorants!!!! :D



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On 31 Oct 2008, at 12:49, Lidia wrote:I thought they would help them too but it looks they doesnt. the father is a producer so they thought there is no help to them.

weg dont like even in swedem, they had in all the year just 1 concert!
I bet they think their farts smell like roses.
 --you're in denial and that is final 

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