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Philanthropy News

djaid raises money from electronic music events to support water projects in the developing world. Large volumes of water are usually purchased and consumed during electronic music events, often at high prices. In view of the link that exists between such events and water consumption, djaid will raise money for water based development projects via event promotion (mainly) but also via a range of supporting activities aimed at raising additional funds. Supporting activities will be implemented over time as a solid base of support starts to become established. djaid aims to support a small number of water charities and voluntary organizations with operational activities in developing countries, and will donate all proceeds after operating costs to these charities for specific water projects and/or programs. djaid has 6 main goals, namely: (i) To raise money in support of water based development projects (ii) To raise awareness of the challenges surrounding access to clean and safe water across the music industry and members of the public engaged in this industry (iii) To engage key players within the private water sector and to mobilize their support for our activities (iv) To raise the public profile of the music industry as a force for good and a vehicle to bring about positive change (v) To develop strategic partnerships with organizations committed to our cause (vi) To hold good events, promote great music…and have some fun! * Websites presence and emailing campaigns. djaid’s website is www.djaid.co.uk. We will aim to secure a solid database of supporters and use standard email campaigns to raise awareness about events, activities and ways in which people can become involved. * Flyers and posters. djaid will produce and disseminate flyers in and around bars, clubs, retail outlets, university campuses, festivals etc. * Newsletter. djaid will develop a quarterly newsletter for distribution to members and other interested parties. This newsletter will contain information such as details of our activities, our events, the funds raised, the issues we are trying to address, projects we are supporting and any results achieved. * Websites of clubs, bars, record labels, artists, music retail outlets. djaid will aim to secure the support of clubs, bars, record labels, artists and music retail outlets by requesting that our logo is featured on their website. * DJs. djaid will lobby DJs to ‘pledge their support’ to the cause of the organization by signing up to a brief statement of endorsement. This statement will summarize the strategic aims and objectives of the organization. A list of DJs who pledge their support will be available on the website. In addition, djaid plans to establish a ‘pool of DJs’ who agree to participate in events and additional organizational activities (e.g. tutorials for prize winners) by donating their time and talent for free on an ad hoc basis, according to their existing commitments and availability. * Promoters. djaid will aim to solicit the support of key music promoters. This support may take a number of forms, such as displaying our logo on event flyers to raise awareness of our brand and to serve as a pledge of support for our cause, or by making djaid flyers, badges etc available at their existing events. * Record Labels. djaid plans to secure the support of record labels and DJs to raise brand visibility by including the djaid logo on the record sleeves of music produced for retail purposes. * Coasters/beermats – djaid is planning to produce coasters/beermats to disseminate in bars and clubs in target cities order to raise brand awareness; * Participation in festivals. djaid is planning to secure a space at key UK based festivals in order to raise our organizational profile and increase membership numbers. This is a mid – long term activity and would not commence until year 2 as a minimum; * Media Support. djaid plans to secure the support of key music media publications in order to assist with event promotion for specific events, and also to raise our profile on an ongoing basis amongst our target audience. Examples of the types of publications and media channels djaid will aim to target are set out below. o DJ Magazine o MixMag o One Week to Live o London Lite, Metro, One London Paper o Time Out o National Press (e.g. The Guardian) o National and Local Radio stationshttp://www.djaid.co.uk
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