[Introspective] Release album omission

various99 _ actuali at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 17:09:16 PDT 2008

> Release is clearly _NOT_ something I like to associate with the Boys.

You don't have to, but they should be PROUD of Release, in many respects.  It is Nightlife that they probably should have thought twice about. (Although, officially, the Boys seem to have indicated, over the years, that they'd actually like to take Introspective back -- that that was a mistake and that they should have released a proper album, instead.)

Just because Release isn't filled with empty, four-on-the-flour ditsy go-go dancing stampers (the kind most PSB fans who vote seem to think should replace every good PSB song on every PSB album) doesn't mean it's a bad album.  It's quite a good one, actually.


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