[Introspective] E-mail/"Release" album omissions.

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<<If we are talking embarrassment here, why no mention of E-Mail??>>

While I initially found "E-mail" to be a little embarrassing, I came to appreciate how the song is kind of Beatle-esque.  I enjoy it on that level, and it makes the song quite fun.  

For "Release" I would have replaced "Samurai" (as good as it is) with "Always," and then replaced "The night I fell in love" (which I don't mind anymore) with "I didn't get where I am today."  I think that last one is PSB's most glaring album omission, ever.  To me, "Release" would have equaled (or at least rivaled) the Behaviour album if the Boys had given it the correct tracklisting. 


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> Thanks to who all helped introduce Jesus into my hard drive.
> Now I can vote on this week's poll... I have to say I kinda like 
> TNIFIL.  I find it amusing both lyrically and musically.  LIAC has 
> grown on me over time.  If we are talking embarrassment here, why no 
> mention of E-Mail??  That's my pick for track to ditch.  Not sure 
> which one to add though, I'm listening to them all right now.
> kfb
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