[Introspective] Tracey Thorn / King's Cross (Hot Chip remix)

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Fri Jan 18 20:38:55 PST 2008

Thanks for that!


Great track!


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Noone's written about the new remix, by Hot Chip, of Tracey Thorn's cover of
King's Cross!  Just went to her MySpace page and found out about it.
Apparently only just showed up on US iTunes this week.  She was on my mind
because I just determined that her album Out of the Woods was number 2 in my
top 5 for 2007.  (Number 1: Sound of SIlver by LCD Soundsystem.)  The remix
gets a little chaotic, as remixes seem to these days, but overall it's nice
and synthy.  Her cover was lovley in the first place, and it's pretty cool
to now hear such an early PSB track in such a contemporary setting, twenty
years on.



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