[Introspective] how cool...pet shop boys sample :-)

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Fri Jan 18 00:48:18 PST 2008

`The Garland Cult´ join the Pet Shop Boys charity proyect `Philanthropy´ and contribute with a song tribute to them.
Philanthropy is still being promoted without the help of the Pet Shop Boys and for the time being without their blessing. Not a single note has ever been published on their official site.
Thank god other fans sites are helping us.
In the next EP of Philanthropy a tribute song will be published " How cool... Pet Shop Boys " , song donated by the group `The Garland Cult´ that also did a tribute song to Boy George " Boy George Icon ". In Philanthropy the version of their song will be different and with a new music done exclusively for this album.
A sample of this track is now avaliable at my forum banner. 
Comments are always welcome!
Visit the garland cult myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thegarlandcult
To the one with my e-mail similar just to tell you to dont waste more your time because people knows perfectly my 2 e-mails, not everybody is than innocent as Neil. :-) 
 *******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)
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