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This week's Very poll is interesting to me because, unlike the previous albums polled, I've always wanted to replace two tracks on it -- not just one.  In reality, of course, I find the album suitable as is, but I always toyed with the idea of replacing "One and one make five" with "Too many people," and replacing "One in a million" with "Shameless."  

If forced to choose, I guess I'd have to replace "One in a million," because it's a bit anticlimactic coming before "go West," and because it just sounds much too poppy to me (this is what Erasure would sound like if produced by Stock-Aitken-Waterman).  It almost makes the other songs on Very sound like hard-core album tracks.

While "Very" may not be the best PSB album (and with PSB, almost any album could be though of it as their best (save for Nightlife)), I think it was certainly their most memorable, because it defined them in a new way for the first time since their "Actually" period.  When Very was out, it just felt like "Please 2" to me, because it felt like a totally new beginning, yet somehow it reminded me of the flavor of Please.

Now that I'm counting, "Fundamental" seems to me like "Actually 2."  I guess one could make a case that "Release" was, somewhat, a "Behaviour 2."  And "Nightlife" seemed, to me, a poor attempt  at recreating the energy of Very, owing to much less cohesive material.

"I didn't get where I am today" should have been on "Release."  "Always" should have been on there, too. I love all the "Release" b-sides. 

"Here" didn't seem like a proper album track, to me.  I thought of it as a toss-off from "Closer to Heaven."   But over the years I've warmed up to it, and quite look forward to it when the album's playing.

Although I hate to admit it, "You choose" is quite possibly the best closing track of any PSB album.  I'm not kidding.

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