[Introspective] Mope / West End DJ

J/Thayer joda at panix.com
Mon Apr 28 09:03:40 CST 2008

> Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 10:23:25 -0400
> From: Paolo Bientinesi <pauldj at cs.utexas.edu>
>> From: "J/Thayer" <joda at panix.com>
>> Why _isn't_ the PSB extended mix of Bloodhound Gang's Mope on Disco 4?  I
>> love that track, but the only version I have has some digital glitches in
>> it.  I gather that it was only a vinyl release.  Does anyone know a place
>> to buy and/or download a glitch-free version of it?  I'm glad PSB shared
>> the Clever Dick instrumental, but the version with vocals has even more
>> punch.

> Jonathan,
> wow! I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.
> I truly do not like this song and if I had to choose, I'd definitely pick 
> the
> dub version.
> Btw, I found the tracks easily on Soulseek. If you want, I can pass them 
> to
> you.
> -- 
> Paolo

The instrumentation is awesome, but I do get a kick out of the vocals.  I'm 
guessing Chris did, too.  PSB are great, and so are their fans.  I think 
I've replied to each of the numerous readers I heard from, but I wanted to 
say Thanks again here to everyone for the help and the info I got!  You made 
this fan very happy!

PSB always,


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