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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------soon will be avaliable to buy the remixes of the track The rumor by Ray Grant, another psb fan. 
Ray Grant – The Rumor This song, written in 2007 exclusively for Philanthropy, talks about a well known and perhaps false rumor that Pet Shop Boys hate Erasure and viceversa. For the writer of the song , this rumor was originated by a fan who started spreading it all around and it became bigger and bigger until now. We all know that this kind of stories are created as an insult for rival band fans and they sometimes work! 
It was the original idea to have the track performed by Neil Tennant or Andy Bell in order to prove that this mutual hate was absolutely false… 
There was a little misunderstanding but we never wanted to argue or fight there was a rumor we were not fine yet people think that we're so alike Although we are completely different even the fans are often the same we never tried to sound like them yet people think we compete in a game 
When did this bad rumour start? Who said that there was a problem? How will we now teach the fans We have never hated each other 
We both like to dress up on occasion To give our fans a bit of our sense of style They are often as talented as we are We respect them as much as they respect us We would never try to be unkind Someone hateful has planted the lie We forgive and turn the other cheek hiding the pain behind a smile 
When did this bad rumour start? Who said that there was a problem? How will we now teach the fans We have never hated each other 
One day it will be alright People will see that we both work hard We will smile at each other, respecting another Inspiring, admiring, in love 
When did this bad rumour start? Who said that there was a problem? How will we now teach the fans We have never hated each other 
Lyrics by LydiaPSB / Ray Grant Music: Ray Grant Backing vocals: Chris Kalera 
Website: http://www.raygrant.com/ 
Direct link to buy the song complete: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/83561/philanthropy_ep 
A sample is now avaliable at the mp3 player on the forum www.tennant-lowe.com
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Benefit concert for Dainton Connell's "Can you Bear it?", a benefit concert for Dainton Connell's family will be held at Heaven, London WC2, on May 2nd. The event, subtitled "20 years of House music", will feature a stellar array of DJs as well as a short live set by Pet Shop Boys.
Tickets: http://www.heaven-london.com/london/tickets/index.asp
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shooting a little film yesterday with Sam Taylor-Wood.
Pet Shop Boys have recorded a cover of the early 80s classic, "I'm in love with a German film star", with Sam Taylor-Wood on vocals. The new version, partly inspired by Marlene Dietrich, will be made available for sale on CD from this site as the second release on the Lucky Kunst label. There will be a seven-inch mix, a "full length" mix and a dance remix. Full details will be here as soon as we have them. "I'm in love with a German film star" was originally a hit in the UK in 1981 for The Passions. The first release on Lucky Kunst was "Love to love you, baby" by Kiki Kokova.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erasure-petshopboys.org
Sherry started the forum originally in October 2006 and I had over 600 members up until late Feburary 2008 there were hosting issues so I had to part with my former host and found a new and better host for my forum.  Now having to restart again from 0 is hard, but I am pressing forward with this to make it a bigger and better forum then it was.   
Erasure, Depeche Mode & Pet Shop Boys all in one may sound crazy to some, but its not, it worked all this time as a fab idea for a lot of people that are into each of these bands or at least one of them.  Its great and I enjoy it, you will enjoy it too, these three bands are great and legendary in their own right.  This forum is a tribute to all three.  Tell your friends about it also. 
The moderators for the forum are: Bogwoppit, Blossom, Oomph-Poomftie, Wildb0y, HaLo, they are there to help, so please feel free to ask any one of them for assistance with the forum.
The Link: www.erasure-petshopboys.org*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)
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