[Introspective] Regarding the message of Integral

Erik Cedergren ecgn at algonet.se
Fri Nov 23 12:07:44 PST 2007

Hi all!

         I may be stirring something up here, but I can't see why the 
question of identity cards or personal numbers is such a big issue in 
the UK. Let's face it, Britons are already the people on earth subject 
to the most surveillance - there is some 1M CCTV cameras in London 
alone! I would be far more worried about them, or the fact that any time 
you turn on your mobile phone, the "Government" knows where you are, not 
to mention turning on your computer.

         Living in a country that has had personal numbers and identity 
cards for well over half a century, I can't see them as a problem. My 
integrity is much better, and better protected as well, here in Sweden 
than it would be in the UK, and whatever the government wants to know 
about you, they already know. Not even encrypting your own personal data 
is safe in the UK anymore, as news this week have informed us.

//ecgn (suffering from delusions of adequacy)
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