[Introspective] Poll on PSB remix of "Integral" ends soon

Volker Rust roy_sheldon at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 23 02:42:14 PST 2007

--- Kirsty <svelteness at gmail.com> schrieb:
> poll, which asks how you feel about the "PSB
> Perfect Immaculate Mix"
> > of "Integral" on "Disco 4" and/or its shorter
> "single" version as compared
> > to the original "Fundamental" album version.
> I think I posted about this a while back - I don't
> get the mix at all -
> makes it sound so horribly generic. But maybe that's
> a deliberate ploy given
> the subject matter :)

I like the sound of the remix much more than the - in
my ears - cheap and cheesy sounding album version. I
am wondering how Trevor Horn could produce this.
The single version of the remix is nice, but should
have more pop elements and repeat the chorus more
often. A way to "empty" to be a hit...


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