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Gilles G. gilles.gen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 16:59:25 PST 2007

2007/11/19, Pet Shop Boys Fans / Charity <lidiapsb at hotmail.com>:
>  with fans like you, psb will retire soon.

wouahahahihihi (now I have to take a deep breath and stop laughing)

> What the list needs is for you to unsubscribe. I never had less interest
> > in a charity album than I do in yours and the more you tant about it,
> > the more I want children to die from horrible diseases. :)

I probably wouldn't be that harsh (mind you, pierre is only joking; pierre,
once again you wrote to lydia personally, happily she was smart enough to
reply to us all) but I'm on the same exact wavelength : I honestly don't
know if your charity project is interesting, honest or whatever but I just
*don't wanna know*.

lydia, has it ever come to your mind that the best way to drive us miles
away from the tiniest desire to listen to this is talking about it *all the
time, everyday, for sthg like a year or so* ???

don't you think it's just ENOUGH and we are FED UP...?

gilles (big hello to the true fans out there)
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