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Gilles G. gilles.gen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 09:41:16 PDT 2007

2007/6/18, TheGardner <thegardner at gmx.de>:

> I was a bit worried after the first view, but seems 'Minimal' will get
> a JP release to promote Disco 4 in Japan. Maybe we now have the chance
> to get some Minimal mixes on a official CD!

aren't tocadisco and m-factor mixes available on an official cd? ;o)
(they're among the best "fundamental-era" remixes IMHO)

I hope the tracklisting of disco 4 will soon be made public...
and I hope it will equal the level of remixes of "fundamentalism".
if so, and if it features at least one killer "integral" remix, this will be
can't wait!

gilles, under the belgian pouring rain

"je m'avance et je vois, que tu viens comme moi,
d'une planète invisible ... où la pudeur du cœur,
impose le respect, la confiance sereine"
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