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I don't speak english, but understand many words, i think.
I did try to listen and write the fundamental lyrics but i'm not sure if i did it right (in the (*) marks), though the rest doesn't have to be right as well.
I Also found some web sites with these lyrics but there are some differences, i think they're wrong.
Can anybody help me to finish?
 [casanova in hell]
 the girl's perfection
 inspires affection
 it's queer that here
 he can't cast his spell
 in her direction
 somewhere near
 one senses fear
 casanova in hell
 the girl is naked
 the boy is naked
 he hides inside
 the secret shame
 through a velvet drape
 and dream of rape
 casanova in hell
 her sharp suggestion
 he couldn't get an erection
 came as a shock
 he finds himself
 a laughing stock
 he's ageing fate
 to contemplate
 casanova in hell
 back in library
 his revenge is history
 what he will write
 will we call the bite
 of his wit and legendary appetite
 the civil right
 casanova is well
 though casanova has the last laugh
 creates the myth in vindication
 of the sexual vocation
 (*) collection
 his erection will live in history
 [i made my excuses and left]
 i'm all alone again, i'm all alone
 i walked into the room
 imagine my surprise
 you were sitting close to him
 staring in each other's eyes
 each of you looked up
 but no one said a word
 i felt i should apologise
 for what i hadn't heard
 a silence filled the room
 awkward as an elephant
 in the crowded court of your love
 i was now a supplicant
 and clumsy as i felt
 at stumbling on this theft
 to save further embarassment
 i made my excuses and left
 so long ago
 i felt like such a fool for crying
 all that i know
 is when you feel inside you're dying
 it all begins again defying
 your excuses
 [i'm with stupid]
 oh oh i'm with stupid
 see you on the TV
 call you every day
 fly across the ocean
 just to let you get your way
 no one understands me
 where i'm coming from
 why would i be with someone
 who's obviously so dumb
 love comes
 love grows
 everytime you rise to meet me
 take my hand to greet me
 love comes
 love grows
 and power can give a man
 much more than anybody knows
 before we ever met
 i thought like everybody did
 you were just a moron
 a billion dollar kid
 you flew up all the way
 like a hawk chasing a dove
 i never thought that i would be
 a sacrifice in love
 it comes
 it grows
 and now we're tied together
 everybody knows
 is stupid really stupid
 or a different kind of smart
 do we really have a relationship
 so special in your heart
 i have to ask myself
 like any lover might
 have you made a fool of me
 are you not mr. right
 you grin
 i pose
 it's not about sincerity
 everybody knows
 is stupid really stupid
 or are you really smart
 that's how you stole my heart
 i'm with stupid
 must i neil tennant spend the rest of my days in this pet shop
 no, because i have just met chris lowe, purveyor of electronic music
 hit it chris
 we have become pet shop boys
 well, what do you reckon
 i'm chris lowe.
 i'm the other one
 talk to us
 i love you
 [indefinite leave to remain]
 i was lost for so long
 feels like it's taken half my life
 to find where i belong
 seeing you here you're my nation
 this is my application
 give me hope
 keep my sane
 give me indefinite leave to remain
 all the worlds that i saw
 i went so far away and still wanted you more
 it may sound superficial
 but can we make it official
 give me hope
 keep me sane
 give me indefinite leave to remain
 tell me where i stand
 what do you envision
 one way or another
 give me your decision now
 is it time to proceed
 will you give me a chance
 and this status i need
 if you've done nothing wrong
 you've got nothing to fear
 if you've something to hide
 you shouldn't even be here
 long live us
 the persuaded we
 to the whole project
 it's brand new
 conceived solely
 to protect you
 one world
 one reason
 one season
 if you've done nothing wrong
 you've got nothing to fear
 if you've something to hide
 you shouldn't even be here
 you've had your chance
 now we've got the mandate
 if you've changed your mind
 i'm afraid it's too late
 we're concerned
 you're a threat
 you're not integral
 to the project
 everyone has
 their own number
 in the system that
 we operate under
 we're moving to
 a situation
 where your lives exist
 as information
 one world
 one life
 one chance
 one reason
 all under
 one sky
 one season
 [luna park]
 shadow's on the sun
 another night's begun
 it's always dark in luna park
 wind accross the moon
 electric storms and soon
 a flying spark in luna park
 and when we're getting high we're happy
 somebody's eating fire we're happy
 the big wheel in the sky will make you scream
 come and join the line
 the ghost train leaves on time
 it's always dark in luna park
 on the shooting range
 the plastic prizes never changes
 so make your mark on luna park
 thunder i wonder
 a storm will come one day
 to blow us all away
 like dust on the moon
 in luna park it can't be dark too soon
 a storm is coming soon
 like dust on the moon
 every night we go
 to the latest horror show
 and hear the screams in luna dreams
 fortune teller's news
 on palms that bode bad news
 the future's dark in luna park
 and when we're feeling scared we're happy
 with circuses and bread  we're happy
 the whirling fan machines are all we need
 m, i, n, i, m, a, l
 minimal (minimal)
 light on light
 black sublime
 the void is clean
 a silver knot for a criminal
 light and shade
 time and space
 draw a line
 more is less
 it's minimal
 form of life
 decide something less decisional
 (minimal, one two three)
 an empty box
 an open space
 a single thought
 leaves a trace
 don't wanna hear the news
 what's going on
 what's coming through
 i don't wanna know
 just wanna hide away
 make my escape
 just (*) a while
 to leave me alone
 feels like i feel too much
 i've seen too much
 for a little while
 i want to forget
 i wanna be numb
 i don't wanna feel this pain no more
 wanna lose touch
 i just wanna go and lock the door
 i don't wanna think
 i don't wanna feel nothing
 i wanna be numb
 i just wanna be numb
 can't find no space to breathe
 walls closing in
 right on me now
 well, that's how it feels
 too much light
 there's too much sound
 wanna turn it off
 wanna shut it out
 i need some relief
 think that i think too much
 i've seen too much
 there's just too much thought in my head
 i just wanna be...
 taken away
 from all the madness
 need to escape
 escape from the pain
 i'm on the edge
 about to lose my mind
 for a little while
 i wanna be numb
 all the madness
 you've got a problem with the reason why
 an isometric haircut and a painted eye
 it's psychological
 is it a cry for help or call to arms
 frustration, false alarms
 it's psychological (all in mind)
 there's something in the attic can it smell so bad
 an undertaker in a bowler hat
 what's that spilt on the kitchen floor
 who's that knocking on the cellar door
 it's psychological
 or is it only your imagination
 driving me crazy, crazy
 baby, baby, please
 it's psychological (all in mind)
 i thought i heard a baby cry
 i thought i heard a train
 down in the cemetery
 is it connected to you
 psychological (all in mind)
 [the sodom and gomorrah show]
 sun, sex, sin, divine intervention
 death and distruction
 ladies and gentlemen
 welcome to the sodom and gomorrah show
 i lived a quiet life
 a stranger to champagne
 i never dared to venture out
 to cities of the blame
 i heard about the way of life
 took it with a pinch of salt
 the freedom and the time to play
 a life so easy
 it intrigued me
 when you called to say
 are you gonna go
 to the sodom and gomorrah show
 it's got everything you need
 for your complete entertainment
 and instruction
 sun, sex, sin, divine intervention
 death and destruction
 the sodom and gomorrah show
 is a once in a lifetime production
 i think it's true to say
 my life was changed that night
 in the liberated atmosphere
 all around me
 someone found me
 whispered in my ear
 then we went on after hours
 there was a place down below
 it was then i realised
 the meaning of the show
 you've got to love to learn to live
 where angels fear to tread
 i did it and i don't regret the day
 even now i think of how
 you turned to me to say
 sun, sex, sin, death and destruction
 sodom and gomorrah
 [twentieth century]
 oh, we learned a lesson from the twentieth century
 i don't think we should just dismiss
 after a hundred years of inhumanity
 the lesson that i learned was this
 the solution
 is worse than the problem
 let's stay together
 (*) to the revolution attitude
 when the statues fell
 everyone came to destroy what was wicked
 but they killed all that was good as well
 stay with me
 this century
 together we're better
 oh, we learned a lesson from the twentieth century
 and maybe somewhat hit or miss
 if you've certainty 'bout the way it's so meant to be
 the lesson that you need is this
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