[Introspective] Final results of "PSB ring tone" survey

psbfan psbfan at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 8 23:57:01 PST 2005

The final results are in for my Pet Shop Boys survey for the past week, in
which I asked my site visitors whether they use a PSB song as the ring tone
on their telephone. And the response that received the most votes was:

* "No, but I may someday," with 42.4% of the total vote.

To see the complete results (including a brief list of PSB songs that
people told me that they were using or had used as ring tones), please
visit my "Commentary" site at http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and click
on the "Survey Results" button in the left navigation bar. (If you don't
have your cache set up to clear on each site visit, you may want to refresh
or reload my site so that you're sure to get the revised left nav bar,
which now points to the new 2005 Survey Results page.)

My new poll for the week ahead is a "rerun" of a question that I asked more
than three years ago, when I had far fewer regular voters -- and when there
were fewer Pet Shop Boys albums. In short, which "original edition" PSB
album cover is your favorite? (This poll doesn't count reissues or special
editions, which I will probably make the subject of a future poll.) So
please take a moment to make your choice right there on my home page.
Thanks to Bryan for suggesting this question!

And thanks to everyone who voted in last week's survey! I hope you all have
a wonderful week ahead!


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