OT [Introspective] iTunes released in Europe! (x-post)

Gilles G. gilles at etherreal.com
Fri Jun 18 00:40:33 PDT 2004

At 9:42 +0100 17/06/04, Richard John wrote:

>The only way I'd buy "legal downloads" is if they were rare mixes 
>from promo 12"s or really really hard to get stuff like deleted 80s 
>12"s, etc.
>Until then, gimme my physical CD and lyric booklet!

(if you want to know :o)

np dm - behind the wheel maxi
"why did I listen to that music, it's made me feel so sad
and brought it home to me once more
I want what I cannot have"
(pet shop boys - I didn't get where I am today - 2004)
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