[Introspective] PSB/Real Life confusion

Remark Communications remark at mac.com
Sat Jun 5 12:40:07 PDT 2004


In last month's questions section on the PSB site, question 903 (page 
6) talks about the supposed "PSB mix" of Real Life's 'Send me an 
angel'.  It just amazes me that fans who are posting on the site don't 
realize that PSB never did that mix and that the connection with Real 
Life and PSB is entirely based on some post-Napster Kazaa fusion where 
"Send me an angel" got listed as a PSB track.  Just gets me so 
frustrated with those stupid downloads and how people who don't know 
music shouldn't be allowed to download music!!  ARGHH...

However, I think a PSB remake of 'Send me an angel' would be 

<remark, who got out of bed at half past ten>

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