[Introspective] R: PSB on American Airlines audio program

Paolo Malucelli pmalucelli at gcs-software.it
Fri Jul 23 01:42:25 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I had spotted that too - it even played through speakers after landing
on the Miami - Barbados flight on July 8th.

Incidentally, that flight was part of my honeymoon journey... and my
wife and I would never have met if the PSB hadn't existed, so it seems
extremely appropriate, although hearing a song called 'The Survivors'
when the plane you're on has just landed seemed freakish to me then and

BTW, while in Miami I've finally had the chance of seeing the Carlyle at
Miami Beach (on the cover of the UK 2nd 12" of Domino Dancing, for those
who can't remember). Pity that it's closed for restructuring works at
the moment.


Paolo Malucelli

> Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 02:39:58 -0700
> From: "Eric S" <esolorio1 at earthlink.net>
> Subject: [Introspective] PSB on American Airlines audio program
> To: <introspective at tcp.com>
> Message-ID: <000001c46fcf$dd1dd610$6401a8c0 at p4240103es>
> For those of you interested, 'The Survivors' is playing as 
> part of the 'smooth' channel on planes with audio 
> programming.  This was channel 12 last night on the short 
> flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here is a link for 
> the curious.
> http://www.dmxinflight.com/american/smooth.html
> -Eric

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