[Introspective] Re: Beagle X virus

Scott Marshall marshall.scott at rogers.com
Sat Jul 10 19:37:35 PDT 2004

Honey go to the Symantec web site and they wioll have a specific removal
tool to help you get rid of it.  Sometimes just running your antivirus isn't
enough because files that are loaded by the operating system cannot be
changed whilst running.  Thus requiring a reboot into safe mode before
removing the virus, and in win XP don't forget to disable the restore points
otherwise you'll end up with the virus saved as part of your next  reboot.


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i've run my virus stuff repeatedly and it won't go away...i'll have to find
another solution.  i am NOT trying to infect anyone!  honest!!!


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> I've seen three posts today on the Introspective and Petheads lists
> with various .SCR file attachments.
> I've seen posts from RTAPPING, aem, and a new sender whose name I
> didn't recognize.
> And of course, best wishes to Mr. Tennant on his birthday.
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