[Introspective] Re: kurt poll: who has the finest psb collection?

The Virtual One mats-bjo at dsv.su.se
Sat Jul 3 00:42:08 PDT 2004

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Kurt Foy Booker wrote:

>> What constitutes finest?  Quantity or quality?
> both... either... anyone own the very umbrella?  (I don't)... someone who has 
> that probably has plenty of other stuff too...
> I keep thinking mats is quite the collector. how many psb records do you have 
> collecting dust, o virtual one?

Oh my god... - I have plenty of them, but since I'm a cheap bastard *l* - then 
I don't have THAT much quality stuff, more quantity than quality I'd guess... -
some of my gems includes

* Swedish 'Rolling dice' 7" of One More Chance
* Swedish Megamix promo 12"
* Clear 3*12" promo vinyl set of Relentless
* A lot of promo interview-records
* The Paninaro 12"

But I don't owe any of the high-priced japanese promo-collections or anything
else that only exists in 100 copies or less... - most of that stuff is way
too expensive and quite uniteresting anyway, so I don't care ;-)

In total I probaly have some 300 vinyls (all formats) and some 400 CD's
(all formats) I'd guess... and some memorabilia, but not THAT much.

I'm probably not in the top-100 when it comes to being the greatest 
PSB-collector *laughs*


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