[Introspective] Re: kurt poll: who has the finest psb collection?

Johan Østergaard johan at private.dk
Fri Jul 2 00:53:19 PDT 2004

I own the Very umbrella...and a few other things :) I know I'm far from
having the finest PSB collection though.

You'd be surprised at how much certain people own...of course, they haven't
all come by the stuff completely fairly, it seems.

I've always thrown out my ticket stubbs BTW - I think there's a difference
between memorabilia and actual collector's items. And I am trying to get rid
of the tons of t-shirts I have somehow picked up over the years :)

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> >What constitutes finest?  Quantity or quality?
> both... either... anyone own the very umbrella?  (I don't)... someone
> who has that probably has plenty of other stuff too...
> I keep thinking mats is quite the collector. how many psb records do
> you have collecting dust, o virtual one?
> Maybe I'll count up all my 12", vinyl, CD, books, posters, tshirts,
> ticket stubs, tchotchkies and so on, just to give a yardstick of
> measure... when I have time...
> or not...
> heh heh!
> Kurt

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