[Introspective] Re: PSB poll "Which video adds the most to the song?"

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Being Boring is PSB's best song.  It doesn't NEED a video, but having that incredible video makes the whole experience of listening to Being Boring even better.  They enhance each other.


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  I think it's funny that, so far, the largest plurality of people are voting for "Being boring" as the PSB single that most benefits from its video.

  To me, "Being boring" is practically the PSB's best song, and of a caliber that no video could in any way enhance. In other words, of all the PSB songs, "Being boring" is the least in need of any help from a video, and thus the least enhanced (or not enhanced at all) by its video.

  If anything, "Being boring" seems to be a case where the song actually benefits the video, rather than the video benefiting the song. My hypothesis, then,  would be that those voting for "Being boring" in this poll are somehow confusing their love for this excellent song and the fact that it has a fittingly excellent video with the idea that the video in some way enhances the song.

  -Ali (looking forward to the Superbowl)
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