[Introspective] Popart triumphs

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:D me too


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> Hiya,
> since none of my Czech co-fans has mentioned it so far, I will.
> In the latest issue of a local magazine Rock&Pop Popart became the "Album
> the month". The reviewer rated it 7 out of 7 stars/points which stands for
> "exceptional". In the "overall" rating of all the editors in the magazine
> won with an arithmetic mean of 5.4 stars/points leaving The Beatles, Joan
> Baez, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Apocalyptica, Kylie Minogue and others
> far behind...
> The author titles the review "Thank you" and writes it as a letter (an
> admiring one, I'd add) to Chris and Neil. I won't translate it entirely
> I am lazy, 2. no one cares :)) but let me quote the last sentence:
> "...because after the conscionable listening to both of these discs
> nothing to state but ... you are really genius!"
> Seems I have a new favourite reviewer... :)
> Read you,
> Zdenek

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