[Introspective] PopArt--Copy protected???

Andreas Rossbacher andreas_r at titan.ping.de
Tue Jan 20 23:50:14 PST 2004

BradShaw6 at aol.com wrote:

> The PopArt CDs have those stickers on them about being copy
> protected...but I burned a copy on my laptop without any problem...
> How exactly are they copy protected?  Has anyone had trouble burning a
> copy?  Maybe I just don't understand what they mean by the phrase.

I have probs. I was not able to let iTunes grap die CD on my PC so
that I can put it on my iPod, also I was not able to make a digital
copy of it to an minidisc just using a cd player and my md deck.

EMI sucks. I wronte them to comment on this but they did not answer.
And i really did wirte in an polite way. I'm not able to use this
product as i want, in fact it only works in my home CD player all the
other stuff is useless. The last CD I bought!!
bye Andreas Rossbacher

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