[Introspective] So Hard UK CD single and The Daily Telegraph CloserTo Heaven CD now for sale on ebay

Johan Østergaard johan at private.dk
Mon Jan 19 10:02:55 PST 2004

Re: [Introspective] So Hard UK CD single and The DailyThanks. I think these are posted too frequently as it were. If everyone selling PSB items on Ebay had to post advertisements here, it would completely clog up the list with irrelevant messages. The items in question were nothing special - certainly not compared to many of the other PSB items sold on Ebay, so I think they have little relevance to the list as a source of PSB news. If people are interested in receiving advertisements, I suggest that you set up a separate list for that purpose.
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  The list administrator gave us his policy about a month ago:

  <<Official list policy: You may post for sale notices which are strictly
  related to the list topic as long as they are not posted too frequently.
  If this policy is abused it may be changed in the future.  Illegal goods
  such as bootlegs are generally not permitted to be posted for sale here.
  --- James Lick>>

  I see no problem with these posts... they happen infrequently, and in this case, I had never seen the closer to heaven disc before, so it was of interest to me.

  However, other lists will ask that something be put in the subject line such as [FS] or [BSP]  (for sale or blatant self promotion), to help users filter out these kind of messages.  Maybe we should try to use these here as well, out of courtesy.


    Could you stop doubleposting your advertisements, please? Also, perhaps the list administrator can tell us if these things are even allowed here?

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      Subject: [Introspective] So Hard UK CD single and The Daily Telegraph CloserTo Heaven CD now for sale on ebay

      Pet Shop Boys - So Hard UK 5" CD single in cardboard sleeve:

      Pet Shop Boys - Songs from the musical Closer To Heaven:


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