[Introspective] Re: Please liberate me + Tomcraft mix of Flamboyant

Remark Communications remark at mac.com
Tue Jan 13 07:00:30 PST 2004

> This mix is a guilty pleasure me for me.  A windows up kinda deal.  "Yo
> Trish, feel liberation."

HAAHAHAHA....so hilarious!

> PS, the Eric Prydz mix didn't blow me away, but I think it's just cos
> Miracles is a bit too cheesy to begin with.  Plus, I prefer my mixes 
> with
> less lyrics. Defiantly one of the best in a  while though.

Hmm...interesting.  I think Miracles is one of the best PSB tracks 
ever...which is why I think I needed such a "strong" mix.  I can 
understand the lyric thing--but all too often my favorite PSB 
"progressive" mixes (like the TE mix of Somewhere) have too FEW lyrics 
and people don't even realize that the track is by PSB.  Don't get me 
wrong, I love all those tracks, but I think that the Eric Prydz mix 
gives Miracles a darker, driving feel and when played out, EVERYONE can 
hear it's the Pet Shop Boys!

> Flamboyant:  B-side at best.  A single?  WTF?

Yep--apparently Neil is committed to the single and stated on PSB 
online that Tomcraft has done a mix.  Not sure how I feel about 
Tomcraft.  Some stuff is pretty cool, but his most recent mix of Dave 
Gahan's "Bottle Living" seemed to lack something.  It will be 
interesting to see what he does with Flamboyant.

> Love Comes Quickly (B&J):  Not what I was expecting.  That's
> a good thing

I think their mix of LCQ is good, but it could have been better.  First 
off I think it should have been longer.  I also think they should have 
used all the lyrics...they certainly have "room" in the song to do so.  
Still very cool though.

<remark, still entertained by the Classic Paradise mix of Before on 
PopArt being credited to Danny Tenaglia>

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