[Introspective] Please liberate me

Taratus, Lucas LTaratus at e-gatematrix.com
Mon Jan 12 15:22:06 PST 2004

This mix is a guilty pleasure me for me.  A windows up kinda deal.  "Yo
Trish, feel liberation."


PS, the Eric Prydz mix didn't blow me away, but I think it's just cos
Miracles is a bit too cheesy to begin with.  Plus, I prefer my mixes with
less lyrics. Defiantly one of the best in a  while though.

PPS, My PopArt French 3CD came:

		Flamboyant:  B-side at best.  A single?  WTF?

		Love Comes Quickly (B&J):  Not what I was expecting.  That's
a good thing

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I'm listening to the E-Smoove mix of Liberation.  MY MY MY what a joke! 
  It's a shame that rap is in it, otherwise it's not too bad of a house 
track.  But that line... "I used to think love was kinda dumb, now I 
know I gotsta get me some".... WHAT?!  LOL!!

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