[Introspective] Re: Discography v. PopArt

Visually69 at aol.com Visually69 at aol.com
Tue Jan 6 22:34:01 PST 2004

>I think if you compare DJ Culture and Was it worth it? 
>with "I don't know..." or Home and Dry, they are great 
>songs, but if you compare with It's a sin, What have I..., 
>Always on my mind, and so on, they are a bit weak. 

I can see how one would feel that. Even Neil and Chris would probably agree 
with you. But remember that, under such strict comparisons, other songs on 
Discography and almost every single after 1993 can appear weak.  But not every PSB 
single should have to be compared to the first four singles from Actually.  
All their singles, album tracks, b-sides, outtakes, writing projects, etcetera 
--- that's Pet Shop Boys.

>I like DJ Culture and even better Was it worth it?, but I can 
>recognize that they were a bit misplaced in Discography.

Again, I can see how one would feel that. And again, Neil and Chris would 
probably agree with you. I, for one, can no longer imagine the original 
Discograhpy collection without them. to me, "Was it worth it?" is the perfect ending to 
the disc. It's a better song than "It's Alright," "Heart," and better than 
almost any single after the Very album. I'd rather have "Was it worth it?" at 
the end of PopArt than "Somewhere."

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