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Mon Jan 5 23:52:10 PST 2004

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, James Cherry wrote:

> > > > Anybody know when Flamboyant will be released?
> Although I like the track, I can't see it being a
> single, what with PopArt failing to set the charts
> alight. Shame really, it's had great reviews and there
> aren't many albums out there that have 35 top 20 hits
> on.

I'd blame the fact that the public doesn't care about 'Greatest Hits' albums
any more, the only GH-albums I can remember being hits lately is Rolling Stones
'Forty Licks' and Bruce Springsteens 'The Essential' - nobody bought the
Madonna collection, nobody buys  the Michael Jackson collection, nobody bought
the Erasure collection, not many have cared about the 2nd latest Elvis
collection. Not even bands that aren't as old as the PSB - like Red Hot Chili
Peppers or No Doubt have done THAT great with their first GH albums.

My guess is that ppl download everything they want, unless they see the
artists as 'Giants' that have collections that you 'can't live without'.

But still, PopArt has done surprisingly bad in the charts, and Flamboyant won't
help a bit changing that, trust me :-/


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