[Introspective] Discography v. PopArt

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Tue Jan 6 20:04:53 PST 2004

At 21:16 -0500 5/01/04, Visually69 at aol.com wrote:

>Horse manure. What made Discography such a stellar collection was 
>not only the great singles it contained, but also the fact that DJ 
>Culture and WIWI? lived up to those singles. They proved that the 
>PSB were still in their prime.

Iawtp. DJ Culture is an absolute classic, how can one say it's a poor 
single I really wonder. And WIWI, although somewhat poorer, is a 
great uplifting tune with one of their best B-sides ever.

>However, I fully admit that Miracles and Flamboyant would tend to 
>prove the opposite.

Well, I have mixed feelings about Miracles, but I'm definitely hooked 
on Flamboyant and I truly regret what a lot of you think of it. It's 
sooo better than H&D, IGA or London...

It's in the Disco 3 kind of electro tunes. Since we didn't get any 
singles off Disco 3, Flamboyant *must* be a single, despite the 
deceiving sales of PopArt which appal me.
And I'm dying for some great remixes!!!

np New Order - Brotherhood
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