[Introspective] Correction "Jack and Jill Party" rating!

Kurt Foy Booker the-magician at magick-land.com
Sun Aug 1 01:19:24 PDT 2004

I just want to say you do a great job with these fun surveys... I 
find them very entertaining, and it is much appreciated that you take 
the time do do them.

kfb :-)

At 11:27 PM -0700 7/31/04, psbfan wrote:
>I have a correction to the results that I reported a short while ago for my
>poll this past week on the ratings for "Jack and Jill Party." I just
>realized that I made a terrible mathematical error while calculating the
>average rating for the song. In fact, the correct average rating is quite a
>bit higher than I originally reported!
>The *correct* average rating for "Jack and Jill Party" is 5.324. As a
>result, "Jack and Jill Party" has *not* replaced "The Sound of the Atom
>Splitting" as the lowest-rated PSB song in my "Rating Project."
>I sincerely apologize for my error in my previous report. I promise to be
>much more careful next time I use Microsoft Excel. ;-)  And thanks again to
>everyone who took part in this survey!

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