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Fri Sep 26 10:45:00 PDT 2003

Tom Davies wrote:

>>> Only by their very modest expectations maybe.
>> Again, like I said before, success is a relative thing. If you compare the
> Yep, and by PSB standards, these people are not successful in any meaningful
> way.

OK. I agree with you, but I have only 2 comments to say about it:

1.The Pet Shop Boys are not that successful. I don't know the exact sales
amount for them these days, but It's  a lot less than their "golden" years
in the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties. Relatively
speaking of course. Because today the market growed, and this kind of
comparision have to be made in percentual values rather than absolute ones.

2.This minor artists I mentioned before have some sort of influence on the
Boys. The proof of that is the remix for "London" by Felix da Housecat and
in this new single of "Miracles", they are performing a song by My Robot
Friend. Which validates my point that this minor artists are somehow
influncing the big ones.



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