[Introspective] Bitching about Miracles...

JimKZ jimkz at comcast.net
Wed Sep 24 20:47:35 PDT 2003

Wow!!  It only took three days for the critics to start their whining 
this time.  Is that a new record?  I lost track...

I for one don't give a rat's ass how high Miracles charts.  Or how many 
copies of PopArt they sell.  I am VERY glad, however, that Miracles 
doesn't sound the teensiest, tiniest, slightest bit like that skank 
Christina Aguilera or that talentless git 50 Cent (who has yet to learn 
how to lipsync properly for a video) or Sean Paul (who I just adore and 
can't find any fault with whatsoever).  And if Miracles did sound like 
any of the above I would bet my wages for the week that people would be 
slamming the Boys left and right for selling out.

I think Miracles is a great song.  I can't wait to get PopArtMix.  And 
as for the charts -- screw 'em!  I think Neil and Chris are quite 
content to make music (to make art) for their sake.  Not for sole 
purpose of charting another hit.

And once again (I do this every release it seems) I'm going to point out 
that the same people who are first in line to slam their new release 
always come around in about a year with something along the lines of 
(please use your best Eddie Izzard accent here...)  "Oh, ya know wot?  I 
just listened to ____________ for the first time in a bit and I quite 
like it, right?  Yes, it's not half the crap I thought it was before it 
was even released!"

I look at every new song from the Boys as a gift that I never expected 
to get.

And that's all I have to say about that.


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