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Visually69 at aol.com Visually69 at aol.com
Wed Sep 24 22:06:36 PDT 2003

<<Wow!!  It only took three days for the critics to start their whining 
this time.>>

And for someone to start complaining about *that.*

<<I think Neil and Chris are quite content to make music (to make art) for 
their sake.  Not for sole purpose of charting another hit.>>

Then they'd stop releasing singles.

<<...the same people who are first in line to slam their new release 
always come around in about a year with something along the lines of <snip>
"I just listened to ___ for the first time in a bit and I quite like it, 
right?  Yes, it's not half the crap I thought it was before it was even released!">

Does this then mean that only PSB fans who instantaneously fall in love with 
a new PSB tune should share their opinions and thoughts on a track or 
speculate on its chart potential? Would that make for more accurate speculations?

I admit to doing this, myself, but I see this more as one of the "dynamics" 
of PSB fans rather than one of the "faults."  The very first time I ever heard 
the PSB I thought they were crap --- and they've been proving me wrong ever 

<<I look at every new song from the Boys as a gift that I never expected 
to get.>>

Ah yes, good, "live for today." But the boys aren't going anywhere for a 
while so we might as well enjoy it in more ways than that.


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