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Some thoughts--

Once again, the PSB blow me away.  Hearing 'Miracles' gives me the kind 
of feeling that the best PSB songs deliver--for me it reminds me of the 
first time I heard "Where the Streets have no name", "Somewhere", 
"Tonight is Forever", "Closer to Heaven"...etc.....Miracles just has 
that "thing" that is so eloquently PSB...the words and theme are so 
uplifting, and yet the sound of the music is so desperate and almost 
sad--it's got that ironic twist: It's like the person Neil is 
describing in the song is unattainable and not someone to have or be 
with.  It's almost like it is about an unrequited love...

I too can't wait for remixes--my God, for those fans of the late 
Trouser Enthusiasts, could you imagine one of their mixes??!!  WOW!  I 
certainly hope we aren't shafted with remixers again--why can't the PSB 
get back on track again with who they use?  Thank God Dave Gahan has 
been using amazing mixers for his latest solo efforts...and even Annie 
Lennox-- I'd applaud the PSB for using Gabriel and Dresden (they'd do a 
great job), Junkie XL, Scumfrog, Sander Kleinenberg, or Lexicon 
Avenue...there are so many great remixers out there...if the PSB stick 
to some annoying overly "circuity" type or some minimal "has no energy" 
remixer, I will be so APPALLED!  I think we have waited long enough for 
a triumphant return to LEADING with remixes, not the fodder from 
Release (Blank and Jones, Westbam, Superchumbo, and Felix da 

As for a DVD, I really like the name VideoArt, and as long as it has 
all videos and the Neil and Chris commentary, I will be very happy.  I 
think however they should wait for all singles to be released off of 
PopArt (that is, Miracles AND Flamboyant, if it gets a full release) 
and include those videos as well.  I agree that Videography was 
annoying because they left off Was it Worth it!  Ugh...

And finally--about that amiannoying.com review--I voted that the PSB 
are NOT annoying, but I laughed at all the reasons why they SHOULD be 
voted annoying--especially Neil's bit about how WEG at number one was 
like having a cup of tea!  Ha!  I can SO hear him saying that, the 
annoying bloke! :)

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