[Introspective] Miracles - love it

Mike Antonich mikea7 at provide.net
Mon Sep 22 23:53:41 PDT 2003

Agreed. Please don't do what they're doing with the Duran Duran DVD. 
Finally get a Duran Duran DVD and they're leaving off so many of the 
earlier videos, I am majorly pissed off. The technology is there, if 
you're gonna do a DVD of promo videos do it right and get them all on 
there, especially for a band like Duran Duran who practically were made 
by video. Hopefully PSB will do it right.


Tom Davies wrote:

>nah, what we want for a vid collection, is EVERY vid, start to finish, plus
>a load of bonus material - old TV ads, etc etc

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