[Introspective] PopArt DVD

Grant Whittingham grant at twistinthedark.net
Tue Sep 23 09:13:39 PDT 2003

It makes sense that the DVD will be called PopArt to tie in with the album 
release.  It does not mean that it would only have the PopArt tracks on it.  
Neil has said that it will contain all their promo clips and I, for one, would 
be happy with that.  Anything extra would be a bonus but not essential in my 
view.  Hopefully, they will release further DVDs in the future with TV 
appearances, etc.  I hope they release more of the old concert videos on DVD.

And I certainly think they had more than 4 good clips.  Most of them are very 
good IMHO and works of art in themselves.

And no, I don't include Home & Dry in that.  :-)


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