[Introspective] Blonde :)))

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Mon Feb 24 11:37:44 PST 2003

"Neil and Chris began their set with the song 'We're the Pet Shop Boys' by 
the American electronic singer/songwriter, My Robot Friend. (More details 
about him on myrobotfriend.com)"

We have seen My Robot Friend perform.  He is from New York and puts on one 
weird show--very performance art oriented.  Complete with robotic strap-on 
penis that shoots a white material into the audience.  He describes himself 
as a "Jewish Robosexual".  He is a pretty young guy, and comes out with all 
kinds of lights on him and adds other bits and pieces as time goes on.  A 
girl playing the violin (punk-rock style) and a very old man reading weird 
stuff out of a newspaper later joined him on stage.  The music is very rave, 
very techno, very bass-in-your-face.  He uses some background cartoons as 
well.  If you can catch him, I highly recommend it.  It was the best $5 I 
ever spent on a show.

>From: s.zdenek at volny.cz
>To: introspective at tcp.com
>Subject: [Introspective] Blonde :)))
>Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 16:45:07 +0100 (CET)
> >From the official site (look at the last sentence):
>"...No further DJ dates are planned by Neil and Chris but a good
>time was had by all. (Chris's new long, blond hair surprising
>Can *you* imagine??? :)
>Any photos appreciated...
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