[Introspective] Plain text please! Oh, and Neil in JockeySlut

Andreas Sikkema ramdyne at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 21 21:26:08 PST 2003

Kirsty Chestnutt wrote:

> All my digests over the last couple of weeks have been full of HTML rubbish 
> making the actual posts almost impossible to read. Could you please post in 
> plain text to Introspective and make us digest readers a bit happy? To 
> whomever has the picture in their signature - it's _very_ annoying.

Amen, I have refrained from updating my Statistics application because
of this. It would need some serious rewriting and I don't feel like
doing that much ;-) I prefer security related applications much more.

Anyway, one of these days I'll update the archive again.

Andreas Sikkema

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