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Paul Split the beatles after refusing to sign with the new manager but still benefitted financially from the deal... they also ran out of steam  


(just let me reach for my tin hat after that comment)

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  Yoko didn't break the Beatles up.  John wanted her with him.  They would have broken up eventually.

  I hate how everyone slags Yoko and Linda off!  They made John and Paul happy and that's the only thing that matters.


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  > Thanks for the news!  I just saw Yoko at a gallery here in NYC a couple of
  > weekends ago.  She was looking at some Keith Harings and was being
  > accompanied by the ed. in chief of Rolling Stone, whatever-his-name-is.  Had
  > I known this juicy bit at the time, I could have had a conversational
  > icebreaker.  At least she can't break up our Boys like she did the Beatles.
  > ;>
  > Cheers,
  > -Hugh


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