[Introspective] Non-PSB: Question...

The Virtual One mats-bjo at dsv.su.se
Thu Feb 13 23:09:44 PST 2003

Anybody that knows about an online-store based in the U.S, that will send out
packages to Europe, which has a decent/great selection of music for
reasonable prices that WON'T declare the totalt amountof the purchase on the
parcel being sent?

I've gotten fed up with all my latest purchases being stuck in customs and
then extra-taxed before getting t me... - a few years ago customs didn't care
at all here in Sweden, but it seems like they've toughen up on non-EU packages.
It's kinda ridicolous to have to pay almost the same amount being paid at
first to get your parcel out of the damn post office...


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