[Introspective] D3

Mike A mikea7 at provide.net
Fri Feb 7 20:56:20 PST 2003

Daniel McCarthy wrote:
> I'm embarrassed by how much I like Disco 3. 

I wouldn't be, I really like it too. Only exceptions are the crap
Superchumbo mix of "Sexy Northerner" (even though it's already seen wide
release I'd have rather they put the original version on here again) and
the God blessed Blank and Jones mix of "Home And Dry" which I thought
was generic by the book trance to begin with, why must we be subjected
to it yet again?  

But I really like the "new" tracks for sure. 
> I liked Release, which has some great songs on it, but the production
> sounded tired 

Well I really loved "Release" too so I'm happy with them both. 


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