[Introspective] D3

Daniel McCarthy dpmccart at artsci.wustl.edu
Thu Feb 6 08:49:10 PST 2003

I'm embarrassed by how much I like Disco 3. For a few cast-off songs and
some rather crap remixes, it's surprisingly brilliant. On the new songs PSB
sound more comfortable with themselves than they have since Very. The
production on D3 suits them so much better than the production on Bilingual,
Nightlife and Release. It may be retro or electroclash, but songs like ILCK
and especially SEB are the kind that PSB were meant to do, and they do them

I liked Release, which has some great songs on it, but the production
sounded tired and it was impossible to escape the feeling that they were
doing a second-rate impression of other people's styles (Oasis, etc). D3
might be a minor work, but it's characteristically PSB.

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